Best Tools To Grow Your Trucking Business

Best Tools To Grow Your Trucking Business

With the expansion of the shipping industry with globalization and the eCommerce boom, the trucking business has become widespread. This business has good scalability as the number of online shoppers is increasing on a daily basis. With more than 70 percent of deliveries around the world, trucking businesses find themselves at the edge.

One of the key factors that can help grow a trucking business is the technology utilized. From route mapping to pellet arrangement, the right technology can help the business effectively. So, what are the technologies that can help your trucking business to expand? Here’s our take on it.

  • Trucking website
  • Mobile app for drivers
  • Electronic logging device
  • Truck CRM tool
  • Fleet management platform
  • Route mapping app

Let’s explore more about the different technologies and how they can help the business.

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Trucking Website

In this information age, a website is a must for any trucking business to start with. It serves as the window to clients and customers who wants to do business or avail the transportation services. It can be seen as a platform that connects people. The website also helps the business to interact with customers while sharing information and pitching marketing and sales content.

Mobile App For Drivers

Truck drivers need assistance in many things – be it on route or off route. Mobile applications can help them to connect with the company and get updates regarding many things like:

  • Delivery address
  • Mapping
  • Pickup points
  • Traffic details
  • Contact personals
  • Emergency contacts
  • Messaging
  • Schedules
  • Weather conditions
  • Cargo tracking

Fleet Management Platform

A fleet management platform is more useful to business managers. With many trucks under their management, it will be difficult to manage well. Fleet management platforms can help them manage the truck’s load capacity through real-time tracking, route assigning, and much more. It can also help monitor the conditions of the truck themselves like maintenance schedules, mechanical issues, accidents, thefts, driver negligence, repair records, etc.

Route Mapping App

For large trucking companies, time is money. They need to reach their destinations at the fastest time with the best routes. In case of any traffic jams, roadblocks, accidents, or natural disasters, the trucks need to be diverted from the planned routes. Route mapping apps can utilize advanced tracking devices and satellite imagery to determine such issues. Coupled with advanced artificial intelligence, such apps can help truckers select the best alternate options to proceed.

The best technologies can be utilized to determine the expansion of your trucking business. Select the best that suits your business needs.

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