Getting Ready to Work From Office? Here Are Some Tips

Getting Ready to Work From Office? Here Are Some Tips

Is it time for you to get back to the office again after 2 years of working from home? And the official date is also set?

The world can never be ready to be working from the office as we all have been adjusted to the very comfortable working from home environment. The thought can be daunting for some of us and for some, it can be exciting. Before the pandemic, it was so normal for us to work from the office every day but now everything has changed.

Whether you are anxious or excited to get back into the pre-pandemic routine, it is always wise to mentally prepared. Let’s look at some tips that can help you ease into the transition:


Prepare for the day

It has become so easy and manageable for you to hop into a Google Meet or a Zoom meeting, looking presentable and ready to virtually meet everyone, no matter the time. Whereas, going back to the office can be a little challenging as you have lost touch with the routine. Now you might have to dress a bit more formally, pack your lunch, have enough time to commute, etc. Do some planning beforehand so you are prepared enough for the day.

You can lay out the clothes that you are planning to wear to the office, tidy up your shoes, keep all your official gadgets in your bag/suitcase, fuel up your vehicle for a hassle-free commute, etc. Preparing can ensure a more relaxed and breezy first day at the office.


Be compassionate

Being back in the office after a long time, it can be difficult to be around a lot of people even if you have known them for years. Consider the fact that you have been working in your own privacy and were isolated from your coworkers. Try to empathize with them as they also must be going through a difficult time processing the changes as you are. You might face a lot of people who feel the same as you do about getting back to the office. So the smartest thing to do is to be supportive of one another.

Try to be more attentive to your environment so that you are aware of how to approach your colleagues. There might be a few of your coworkers who recently went through emotional trauma or are still going through it. It’s always safe to be extra careful and to speak the words that are kinder.


Take regular breaks

Before you feel anxious or stressed out, take a break. Even better if you ask your colleagues to join you in the cafeteria for a snack or a cup of coffee. It can help you feel relaxed and ready to go back to your desk.

Being productive at work is important but so are these small breaks.


Keep yourself comfortable

You can take a few things with you to the office that make you feel at home such as a plant or a desk decorator. It would make your desk more pleasant to look at and once you are comfortable with the routine, you can either take those things back to your home or maybe not.


Getting back to the office doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You can always take your time in the process. If something displeases you at the work, you can put on your headphones and listen to your favorite music or podcasts to calm your senses.

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