3 States Lead the U.S. in Workers Quitting Jobs

3 States Lead the U.S. in Workers Quitting Jobs

A record number of Americans are quitting their jobs across the U,S., a trend some have dubbed the “Great Resignation.” But the phenomenon is making an outsized impact in some regions: In Georgia, Kentucky and Idaho, more than 4% of workers voluntarily left their jobs in Augus — the highest rates in the country.

Perhaps not coincidentally, those three are among the states with the nation’s lowest minimum wage — the federally mandated rate of $7.25 an hour. States with more generous baseline wages tended to have a lower “quits” rate, or the percentage of workers who handed in their resignations, recent federal labor data show.

By comparison, about 1.7% of workers in Washington, D.C., quit their jobs in August, marking the lowest quits rate among all states recorded in August, according to the data. The nation’s capital also has one of the nation’s highest minimum wages, at $15.20 an hour.

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