A 3D Printing Company in Taiwan Is Getting Help From a US Startup

A 3D Printing Company in Taiwan Is Getting Help From a US Startup

3D printing involves heat-lots of it-often wearing out inferior parts. Now the market is getting hotter as Slice Engineering, a U.S. creator of high-end 3D components, is partnering with a leading Taiwan 3D printer manufacturer to solve the problem.

The specific component bringing the firms together is the hotend, which heats and melts the material and pushes it through a nozzle. Taiwan’s Infinity 3DP believes U.S. start-up and Gainesville, Fla.-based Slice Engineering sets the hotend market on fire.

“As a designer, the appearance of Slice Engineering’s hotend immediately caught my attention,” says Jimmy Liao, Infinity 3DP’s CEO. “I was impressed by the ease of use and consistently stable prints, even after numerous rounds of switching materials.”

Incorporating Slice Engineering’s hotend into 3DP’s manufacturing will “greatly reduces maintenance burdens for users,” Liao says, while also, “significantly enhancing our overall 3D printing capabilities and quality.”

For Slice Engineering, becoming part of the originally manufactured printer, versus a replacement part, represents the next logical step in the company’s growth.

“We’re always searching for value-added strategic partnerships,” says Slice Engineering’s CEO, Dan Barousse, “especially when shared technology creates an outcome greater than the sum of its parts.”

Barousse says the partnership reflects both company’s goals and values. “Together, we’re determined to help the average consumer succeed on his or her 3D printing journey,” he says.

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