‘Democracy Itself Is in Peril’, Says Biden, Commemorates America’s War Dead

Democracy Itself Is in Peril Says Biden Commemorates Americas War Dead

US President Joe Biden on Monday (local time) said that Democracy itself is in peril in the US and around the world.

Biden commemorated America’s war dead in Memorial Day remarks at Arlington National Cemetery. He urged the people of his country to honor the memory of the fallen by strengthening and protecting the nation’s democracy.

“Democracy itself is in peril, here at home and around the world. What we do now — what we do now, how we honor the memory of the fallen will determine whether or not democracy will long endure,” CNN quoted Biden as saying.

The President said, “We owe the honored dead a debt we can never fully repay. We owe them our whole souls. We owe them our full best efforts to perfect the union for which they died”.

He further stated that the nation must honor the sacrifices of generations of service members “by sustaining the best of America while honestly confronting all that we must do to make our nation fuller, freer, and more just”.

Biden said, “Empathy is the fuel of democracy,” and added, “Our willingness to see each other not as enemies, neighbors, even when we disagree, to understand what the other is going through.”

According to CNN, Biden spoke of the rising wave of autocratic rule across the world and argued, as he often does, that “liberation, opportunity, justice are far more likely to come to pass in a democracy than an autocracy”.

“This nation was built on an idea, the only nation in the world built on an idea. Every other nation is built on ethnicity, geography, religion, etcetera. We were built on an idea, the idea of liberty, an opportunity for all,” Biden said.

“We’ve never fully realized that aspiration of our founding, but every generation has opened the door a little wider and every generation has opened it wider and wider to be more inclusive,” he added.

Biden said the diversity of the nation and its armed forces has been “an incredible strength,” and noted Americans of all backgrounds, races, identities, and sexual orientations have sacrificed their lives to defend the nation’s democracy.

The President also spoke about the death of his own son, Beau Biden, who was an Iraq War veteran. On Sunday, it was marked the sixth anniversary of Beau Biden’s death.

“To those who mourn a loved one today, Jill and I have some idea how you’re feeling. Our losses are not the same, but that black hole you feel in your chest as if it’s going to suck you into it, we get,” Biden said.

He said the anniversary of his son’s death is a difficult time of year for him and his family and that he always feels close to his son on Memorial Day, CNN reported.

“It can hurt to remember, but the hurt is how we feel and how we heal,” Biden said.

Beau Biden was the attorney general of Delaware and a member of the Delaware National Guard and died in 2015 at the age of 46 from brain cancer.

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