Joseph Cianciotto- Supporting Garden City Small Companies

Joseph Cianciotto- Supporting Garden City Small Companies

There is good news for small businesses in the 516 area of Long Island hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. An effort to offer free communication and marketing advice is being launched. It will be part of an ongoing process to help businesses get back on their feet.

Small businesses in Long Island that were struggling to cope with the economic fallout of the pandemic have something to look forward to these days. Joseph Cianciotto, a fellow Long Island resident, will give business owners free communication and marketing advice to empower entrepreneurs who have turned their lives upside down by recent events. It will help entrepreneurs in the 516 area code overcome the challenges in the past three years.

There are many tools for small business owners out there that can help their businesses to adapt. Most of these tools are cost-efficient and easy to implement. Joseph Cianciotto mentions that there is Mailchimp for managing email lists. There is also Shopify for e-commerce. Google Ads, on the other hand, can be used to run cost-effective messaging around the corner from the storefront.

Joseph Cianciotto has worked with Fortune 500 Companies for decades. However, his expertise has shifted to helping startups and small businesses in the last few years. His goal is to help small business owners make an impact and thrive. He also believes that small businesses need help now more than ever.

On his part, Joseph Cianciotto is offering small business consultations to anyone interested. These consultations last for one hour. Joseph Cianciotto is passionate about helping small businesses, so he does this pro-bono for anyone in need.

For owners of businesses located in Garden City interested in setting up a consultation, there is a form on SupportGCLocal.com that they can fill out, and Joseph Cianciotto will do his best to get back to you within 48 hours.

Joseph Cianciotto has helped all sorts of businesses in all industries. These include philanthropic organizations, restaurants, retail connections, health and wellness clinics and services, oral health clinics, real estate and home companies, arts and education establishments, professional services, and more.

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