Lee Enterprises Announces New Strategic Initiative With Amazon Advertising To Bring “Over The Top” Video Services To Local Businesses Customers

Lee Enterprises, Incorporated, a leading provider of trusted local news and information and a major advertising platform in 77 markets, announced the company will work with Amazon Advertising to offer “Over The Top,” or OTT, services to its more than 35,000 local business advertisers. OTT streams video directly to viewers using various video services and internet-enabled devices.

“This new opportunity is an excellent example of our commitment to delivering powerful solutions which solve for the needs of our clients and fit within our digital transformation strategy,” said Lee President and Chief Executive Officer Kevin Mowbray. “Amazon Advertising has a compelling presence in the OTT space, and combined with our strong sales culture, deep connections to local advertisers, and our full-service national agency, Amplified, it represents a great opportunity for both companies.”

Amazon Advertising offers OTT inventory across IMDb TV, Twitch, top-tier network and broadcaster apps, and Amazon’s News app. Amazon OTT and Twitch jointly reach an unduplicated monthly audience of 120 million viewers across the U.S.1

“We continuously strive to strengthen our robust product suite to ensure that we deliver best-in-class advertising solutions to the thousands of businesses that we serve,” said Lee Vice President of Local Advertising Joe Battistoni. “This collaboration with Amazon Advertising will allow our advertisers to reach an even broader audience and further enhances our ability to help them achieve greater results.”

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