The New Palmetto Platform Is Revolutionizing Household Clean Energy by Allowing for Quicker Installs and Better Support for Existing Customers

The New Palmetto Platform Is Revolutionizing Household Clean Energy by Allowing for Quicker Installs and Better Su

Palmetto, the leading clean energy technology company, today announced strong results of its new Clean Energy Operating Platform that is revolutionizing the end-to-end consumer solar journey, creating operational efficiencies, allowing sales partners to achieve their growth potential, and most importantly, delivering the leading industry customer experience with a 70+ Net Promoter Score.

The revamped Palmetto platform, which was released during 2022, has proven to simplify the consumer transaction experience and automate end-to-end workflows from sales, to permitting and design, installation, and system activation. The company’s all-in-one sales tool has resulted in a smoother, more efficient process for sales partners, ultimately resulting in delighted customers who then become ambassadors for solar energy in their communities.

Palmetto points to several key metrics to demonstrate the success of its improved operating system.

  • The speed to installation bolstered with streamlined automations, workflows and better turnaround times. This resulted in residential solar systems getting installed 37 days faster than previous averages.
  • Consumer sentiment drastically increased with better expectation management and project status updates. Palmetto’s Net Promoter Score – the “likelihood to recommend a product or service to a friend or family member” – soared to 77, a 35% increase, which ranks the company at the levels of strong consumer brands like Starbucks and Amazon. Additionally, Palmetto holds a 4.2 rating on Google Reviews, one of the highest amongst the industry, and a 4.1 rating on Better Business Bureau.
  • Change orders and cancellations declined by 5% with operational efficiencies. As an example, the creation of knowledge databases consisting of local utility, permitting, and interconnection requirements, along with other workflows lowered operational expenses.
  • Driven by the company’s already strong growth trajectory over the last year, Palmetto’s total installations grew 75% YoY, and system activation increased 82% YoY.

“We are passionate about delivering an exceptional customer experience and removing friction from the sales process. The Clean Energy Operating Platform gives us greater opportunities to achieve those goals,” stated Chris Kemper, Palmetto Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “I’ve never been more excited about the promise of Palmetto’s software and technology. This is a massive example of how we’re easing the intricacies of solar energy adoption and simplifying the decision for homeowners whilst providing operational excellence for our sales partners.”

Palmetto offers a seamless, national fulfillment network, servicing homeowners with local sales and installation specialists to advance the clean energy economy in communities across the nation. Palmetto’s energy intelligence simulates and models the solar potential and energy load profiles for 84% of rooftops in the U.S., including local requirements for 130+ utility service areas, plus demographic, market and building level data.

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