The US Global Business Forum Appoints Dr. E. Lance McCarthy As Economic Advisor and Chairman of Business Development

The US Global Business Forum Appoints Dr. E. Lance McCarthy As Economic Advisor and Chairman of Business Development

It is no doubt that the biggest lessons we learned during the pandemic was the disproportionate gap in our economy. “The global economy suffered causing organizational chaos, shut down of businesses, massive financial loss, unemployment, and poverty,” said Dr. E. Lance McCarthy, a renowned global economist and financial advisor to an extensive list of US and international businesses. “The advancement of digital technology has positioned all of us to be global citizens, if done right.”

McCarthy cites the vision of the U.S. Global Business Forum as the pathway toward economic security and global diversity for US businesses. “The appointment of Dr. McCarthy as Economic Advisor and Chairman of Business Development will take our mission to the next level,” said Kevin Kaul, founder and chairman of USGBF. “His economic background will assist our agenda to provide tremendous opportunities for all sizes of businesses to be made aware of global opportunities to do business outside of their boundaries.” The USGBF, is a 16-year-old international trade organization representing 200 countries.

“Joining this outstanding 16-year-old organization and to guide its re-branding to the world will help economic development in US cities and global countries is a game-changer to boost the economy, ” said Dr. McCarthy, a former economic advisor to two U.S. Presidents. “Globalization empowers us, erases geographical borders to do business. Re-branding the Global Business Forum to the world will empower economic development in US cities and global countries.”

Experts state that the world’s economy and prosperity is expected to grow based on globalization. “Quite simply, globalization increases the availability of jobs worldwide,” stated Dr. McCarthy who has spearheaded several job initiatives across the country especially for vulnerable populations. “Los Angeles presents the unique gateway to foreign countries because it is a hub for more than 100 foreign consulates.” As the largest city in California, and the second largest in the United States, Los Angeles holds a prominent place on the global stage. The city, one of the most diverse in the world, is an international melting pot.

Beginning in January 2023 in the Greater Los Angeles area, Dr. McCarthy will lead USGBF with monthly summits with ambassadors and trade experts, titled, “How To Do Business in Countries,” focusing on a different country every month to discuss how to do business with the respective country. “The quarterly USGBF will include pitch and matchmaking sessions between US companies and the foreign countries,” said Dr. McCarthy. “The pandemic showed us the future is unknown and we need to prepare now to stay in front of unforeseen catastrophic circumstances.”

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