The World’s Most Expensive Fries Come With Gold Dust and a $200 Price Tag

The World’s Most Expensive Fries Come With Gold Dust and a $200 Price Tag

If someone wishes to celebrate July 13’s #NationalFrenchFryDay in a luxurious way, an iconic New York City restaurant has the answer in a world record-breaking way.

Serendipity3, located in the city’s Upper East Side, set a Guinness World Records title for making the most expensive fries ever. Created by the restaurant’s creative director and chef Joe Calderone and corporate executive chef Frederick Schoen-Kiewert, the “Creme de la Creme Pommes Frites” cost an outstanding $200.

The restaurant received the record after an unbiased customer bought the plate, part of the Guinness World Records guidelines. Calderone told USA TODAY it took three months of planning to create the dish.

“It’s easy to take expensive ingredients and just throw them together and call it an expensive dish. But we really like working on the science of the dish, as well as making it not only the most expensive but the best tasting in the world,” he said.

The fries, which are made from Chipperbeck potatoes, are first blanched in Dom Perignon Champagne and J. LeBlanc French Champagne Ardenne Vinegar before being cooked three times in pure goose fat from Southwest France.

After they are cooked, the fries are seasoned with Guerande truffle salt, which is hand-harvested from Guerande, France, and then tossed in Urbani summer truffle oil.

They are then topped with shaved pecorino tartufello cheese that is made of milk from sheep on the clay-rich hills of the Italian region of Crete Senesi. The fries are also topped with shaved black summer truffles from Umbria, Italy.

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