Treasure Data Selects Neustar’s Unified Identity To Power World-Class Consumer Data Hygiene, Enrichment, And Onboarding

Neustar Inc., a global information services and technology company and leader in identity resolution, announced that it will integrate its Unified Identity™ solution with Treasure Data, the only enterprise Customer Data Platform (CDP) that harmonizes an organization’s data, insights, and engagement technology stacks. As part of the agreement, Treasure Data will leverage Neustar’s Unified Identity data solutions to power data hygiene, data enrichment, and audience segmentation within the Treasure Data CDP.

According to a recent study by Forrester Consulting that evaluated how brands are adjusting their customer data strategies in the face of shifts in the marketing landscape, brands “struggle to meet the moment with comprehensive, identity-based strategies that let them simultaneously tackle issues of privacy management, data governance, and marketing management.”

As part of this integration, brands can improve the depth and accuracy of their offline and online consumer data to expand consumer reach and improve overall marketing effectiveness. Neustar’s Unified Identity solution enables Treasure Data customers to build, segment, and target audiences in their CDP more accurately.

  • Neustar uses a single machine-learning powered identity graph to power world-class data hygiene, enrichment, onboarding, audience segmentation, and syndication solutions
  • Treasure Data’s customer data platform (CDP) enables marketers to connect their customer data to over 170 different data, analytics, and activation platforms.
  • Treasure Boxes provide simplified and expedited workflows of powerful applications that Treasure Data technology partners have built on top of Treasure Data CDP

“We are excited to leverage Neustar’s Unified Identity data solution so our customers can maximize the value of first-party customer data, in real-time,” said Stephen Lee, VP of Corporate Development, Treasure Data. “Getting access to additional datasets and touchpoints, we can offer customers the most accurate, relevant personalization for better campaign performance and improved ROI.”

“As brands continue to struggle with data silos, privacy challenges, and lack of data visibility, we’re pleased to be expanding our solutions to Treasure Data’s customers, helping them to make the most of their data,” said Michael Schoen, Senior Vice President & General Manager of Marketing Solutions, Neustar. “Our single unified solution effectively models, segments, and targets audiences across channels, helping brands ensure they are maximizing marketing ROI.”

Neustar’s Unified Identity is the only data and SaaS offering that solves – in a single identity management infrastructure – marketers’ most significant customer identity challenges: maintaining accurate and enriched information about consumers and consistently activating that data across channels for more personalized experiences.

Clients utilizing Unified Identity have already achieved:

  • 4-5x increase in audience reach across channels
  • 30% increase in sales conversions due to higher audience performance
  • 40% reduction of duplicate CRM records, resulting in improved customer data accuracy and reporting
  • 20% reduction in data costs from the consolidation of vendors
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