With a Growth of 85% From the Previous Edition, Colombia Anticipates Doing Business at FITUR Worth More Than US $15.6 Million

With a Growth of 85% From the Previous Edition, Colombia Anticipates Doing Business at FITUR Worth More Than US $15.6 Millio

During FITUR 2023 Colombia’s business forecast amounted to US $15,647,570 — an 85% increase compared to the previous edition.

Under the leadership of the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Tourism — and supported by ProColombia — Colombia participated with a delegation of 38 companies, operators, regional promotion entities, and an airline. Colombian companies held 578 meetings with business representatives from 48 countries including Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, Mexico, and Italy during the days aimed at professional audiences (January 18-20). In addition, 90% of the delegation confirmed to have found potential business opportunities.

Arriving at the international fair with the slogan “Colombia: World Power for Life,” country representatives served an average of 950 cups of coffee per day at the bar hosted by the National Federation of Coffee Growers.

Over the weekend hundreds of visitors came to the Colombia stand to enjoy its cultural displays, which included vallenato performances by Jorge Antonio Oñate, folkloric dances performed by the Macondo Native Cultural Association, dances by Bailable Cali, and the typical culinary tastings hosted by the legendary restaurant Patacón Pisao.

While in Madrid, the Colombian delegation met with several key players, including the Institute of Foreign Trade, the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, and the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations.

Likewise, meetings were held with various international organizations, including the World Tourism Organization and the Development Bank of Latin America. In fact, strategic meetings were even held with representatives from Costa Rica, Mexico, Venezuela, and Guatemala, as well as several media outlets.

Vice Minister of Tourism Arturo Bravo highlighted that “FITUR has become one of the most important platforms for tourism business in Latin America, and Colombia is positioned among the region’s most attractive countries, due to its natural and cultural diversity.”

Bravo added that throughout the five days of the fair, “we showcased what Colombia has to offer to travelers-including new peace destinations. We also participated in several international events in which we had the opportunity to share how tourism is beginning to contribute to lasting peace and environmental regeneration. Our new management model is attractive to other countries because it is carried out in harmony with its natural surroundings.”

ProColombia President Carmen Caballero affirmed, “FITUR has been key in generating business in the Colombian tourism sector. The results from the fair prove it. I also want to highlight the back-to-back schedule we have had throughout the fair, meeting with the international tourism scene’s key players-from both the public and private sectors-who are helping us position ourselves as a sustainable and biodiverse destination that supports its communities.”

During the fair, the Illustrated Manual for Magdalena River Tour Guides was also launched. In addition, a kitesurfing guide was released so that travelers, amateurs, and professionals can learn about various destinations across Colombia where they can practice this sport. Additionally, four new tourism routes specialized in handicrafts, led by Artesanías de Colombia, were presented.

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